Why Your Furnace Could Be Leaking 

Finding water surrounding your furnace is a homeowner’s worst fear. Is it a heating and cooling malfunction or plumbing issue? It could be either, but Mid-State Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing is here with some HVAC issues that could cause a leaky furnace. 


A standard-efficiency heating system should not produce condensation so if your furnace does, it might be that the flue pipe was not sized right. The heated exhaust could be cooling and condensing within the pipe, then streaming back into your heating equipment and leaking out. 

Clogged Drain 

Usually condensation from a high-efficiency furnace flows out to a floor drain. If there is blockage in the line or the floor drain, it could cause a leak around your heating equipment. A seasonal tune-up from a furnace repair contractor should help avert this problem from happening. Unfortunately, lack of furnace maintenance may result in a clogged drain, resulting in floor, ceiling, or other damage to your family’s home. 


This problem should be discovered with regular heating tune-ups, but if your heating equipment is leaking water, the humidifier may be leaking inside the heating system. Water leaking into your heating system can cause a lot of damage to the internal components so it’s important to call your furnace service company as soon as possible if you think this could be your issue. 

To make sure your heating equipment doesn’t spring a leak and that it’s prepared to keep your family warm all winter long, call Mid-State Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing in Nashville today. Our fall promotion is going on until November 25th and you can save on a furnace tune-up or qualifying home comfort systems. 

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