What Are Trip Charges and Diagnostic Fees?

When you want heating, cooling or plumbing services from Falso Service Experts, you will handle the trip charge and a diagnostic fee separately. A number of companies you’ve hired in the past might have combined the trip charge and diagnostic fee, but we believe we can offer even more value by keeping them separate.

What Is a Trip Charge?

A trip charge handles the cost for a certified plumber or HVAC technician to stop by your home. Sometimes called a service call fee, this charge is the initial rate for sending our technicians, equipment and expertise to your doorstep. If you would like to avoid trip charges in the future, you can consider joining one of our membership plans.

What Is a Diagnostic Fee?

The diagnostic fee pays for the services required to find the root cause of a problem. For plumbing, this may consist of scoping. In HVAC repairs, it may involve inspecting the inside of the cabinet. If you prefer to use Falso Service Experts for the repairs, the diagnostic fee is rolled into the repair bill. But bear in mind, you're charged for the diagnostic services alone if you don't.

What Is the Difference Between a Trip Fee and a Diagnostic Fee

Generally speaking, a trip fee gets the plumber or HVAC technician to your property, while the diagnostic fee encompasses all the work related to evaluating the issue and coming up with a plan for repairs. If you're paying for repairs, you shouldn't notice the diagnostic fee since it's absorbed into the cost of the repairs.

Why Are Diagnostic Fees and Trip Charges Billed Individually?

Other plumbers and HVAC companies will charge one fee for both the trip and the diagnostics. Instead of charging you for two services together, we have two individual fees. This allows us to price our services in the fairest possible manner.

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